Latest Psa research now available

22 February 2018

KVH makes decisions and bases advice on key research learnings, industry knowledge and experience.

The scientific research publications that drive our policies and management advice are added to our website as they are finalised. Growers are encouraged to look them up and have a browse of the many different reports we make available.

Recently added:

· A paper on monitoring effectiveness of wound protectants against Psa. View the report here.

We mentioned the paper in a January Bulletin we ran a story about new research monitoring the effectiveness of wound protectants against Psa finding that the current grower practice of spraying girdling wounds with a solution of label rate copper was sufficient to prevent infection of girdles.

The report also notes that neither copper paste nor Inocbloc paste should be applied to girdling wounds. Copper paste did not provide protection and application of Inocbloc interfered with wound healing. These products were however the most effective wound protectant on pruning cuts.

Click here to see an enlarged image from the report, showing copper paste treated girdling wounds on Actinidia chinensis var. chinesis ‘Zesy002’ (Gold3) three months after application.

· A paper on the efficacy of Ambitious on Psa on Hayward has been added under the CPPU and elicitors categories. View the report here.