Latest research now available

26 November 2020

KVH makes decisions and bases advice on key research learnings, industry knowledge and experience.

The scientific research publications that drive our policies and management advice are added to our website as they are finalised. Growers are encouraged to look them up and have a browse of the many different reports we make available.

Recently added:

• An extensive literature review was undertaken on pollen and associated floral debris as a means of pathogen (viruses, oomycetes, fungi and bacteria) spread. This work will help inform KVH’s Proposed Pathway management Plan to ensure appropriate measures are implemented to manage the level of risk associated with pollen.

• A report on a project aimed to understand which members of the fungal group Nectriaceae are associated with kiwifruit trunk disease. A survey of three kiwifruit orchards (two in the Bay of Plenty, one in Motueka), with a history of disease, took place in early 2019.

Read more about these research reports, and view the reports themselves in full on the KVH website here.