Latest research published

28 May 2020

Scientific research publications that drive KVH policies and management advice are added to our website as they are finalised. Growers are encouraged to look them up and have a browse of the many different reports we make available.

The following reports have recently been added to the KVH website:

Cold temperature and frost effects on Psa: This three year project investigated the role of cold temperature and frosts in exacerbating Psa infection in New Zealand kiwifruit orchards. Observations included pre and post frost inoculation of detached canes (HW and Gold3), potted plants exposed to natural frost (HW and Gold3), and potted plants exposed to simulated frost (Gold3 only).

Findings from the work suggest that protecting dormant canes in response to mild frosts (for example by frost protection and/or copper applications) is not necessary, but for frosts below -6 degrees, copper application might reduce Psa infection and it doesn’t matter whether the copper is applied just before or just after a frost event.

Yellow Spotted Stink Bug (YSSB) literature review: Chinese and English databases have been used to source and review publications about YSSB and kiwifruit. The report describes the lifecycle of YSSB, its impacts on kiwifruit and other crops, and potential control options.

Psa biovars literature review: The taxonomy of Psa has been evolving rapidly in recent years. This report reviews the nomenclature associated with Psa and the virulence of different biovars. The ability of a few strains of different biovars to multiply on or in kiwifruit tissues has been reported but as of today there is no study which demonstrates that strains of some biovars are more virulent than others.