Learning while contributing to the Chilean stink bug response

05 October 2017

KVH is part of a group visiting Chile next week to assist in their response to a recently discovered Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) population.

BMSB was detected in a small urban area of Santiago earlier this year. This was the first detection in the Southern Hemisphere, which is significant for New Zealand and a situation we are watching with interest.

The visit provides an opportunity to test our response plan (including the effectiveness of latest trap technologies and best trap density/placement solutions) and improve our preparedness for this pest should we be faced with an incursion in the future. If our assistance contributes to reduced BMSB numbers in Chile, this will reduce the risk to New Zealand.

The group - including representatives from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), NZ Wine, HortNZ and Plant and Food Research - will be gathering first-hand intelligence about the extent of the infestation and local options for longer term management, and will provide advice based on New Zealand’s readiness programme.

Establishing relationships with Chilean government officials and industry representatives will enable ongoing monitoring of the situation and provide us with future opportunities in management practices.