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Making traceability easier and better

Making traceability easier and better

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07 Jun 22 Biosecurity News

Making traceability easier and better

KVH is working with Onside to make it easier for growers to keep records for plant material movements. This makes meeting the requirements of the new Pathway Plan simple and improves KVH’s ability to quickly and accurately trace movements should we be faced with an incursion.

Together, we’re developing a technology-based plant pathway mapping system that will make keeping traceability records easier for the industry. This feature will be available to users of the Onside app within coming months, in addition to the existing features already available, so that all orchard visitors can to use the tool to record plant movements, if they choose to.

While it is mandatory under the Pathway Plan to record plant material movements in and out of orchards, it will not be mandatory to use Onside to record this. Growers can use whatever system they choose to create and store these records (provided records are accurate and up to date). This project provides a simple, free and effective option for doing so.

The project is well underway, with testing due to begin very shortly, so do watch this space as we’ll keep you updated over the coming weeks.

Read more about Onside here.


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