Managing BMSB risk this summer

05 September 2019

With September comes the start of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) season.

KVH continues to advocate strongly on behalf of industry for strict controls that will make it harder for the BMSB to get here, and for information and awareness campaigns that encourage people to be on the lookout for this harmful pest and report any suspected sightings.

Biosecurity New Zealand's new rules for this stink bug season require offshore treatment of imported vehicles, machinery, and parts from 33 identified risk countries, and all sea containers from Italy. In the past, only uncontainerised vehicle cargo from risk countries required treatment before arriving in New Zealand. Biosecurity New Zealand is working with the Australian Department of Agriculture to finalise a list of approved offshore treatment providers for this season. The process requires all facilities previously registered with Biosecurity New Zealand to reapply for joint recognition by both countries.

Earlier this year, Biosecurity New Zealand announced a plan to work with Australia to have staff based in Europe to undertake auditing of facilities and to provide education and advice as needed. Two New Zealand officers are going to spend the next three weeks checking out offshore treatment providers in Europe. They will be visiting some of the biggest providers in Italy, Spain and France, and major export ports in Belgium and Germany.

Similar to previous years, this season will also see increased surveillance and inspection of arriving vessels and cargo from countries with established stink bug populations.