Managing the risk from imported plant material

26 July 2018

On 13 July 2018, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) issued an Import Health Standard (IHS) for Actinidia plants for planting. This means that kiwifruit plant material can be imported into New Zealand to be used for planting purposes, including but not limited to, use in breeding programmes if it meets the requirements of the IHS.

The IHS sets out the import requirements for Actinidia nursery stock, specifically for plants in vitro (tissue culture), imported into New Zealand for further propagation. This pathway has not been active since 2013 because of the Psa incursion.

KVH recognises importing new kiwifruit material is an important part of maintaining the competitive advantage of our industry. However, KVH has been actively engaged in the consultation process to ensure that the risk of introducing new biosecurity threats on this pathway is carefully managed and has therefore sought independent reviews from New Zealand and international experts to ensure measures are robust.

Importation is restricted to tissue culture material which is less likely to introduce threats than other forms of plant material. MPI has taken a precautionary approach to developing this Standard. Where uncertainty exists on the ability of a measure to manage risk, more than one measure is required. These include a combination of offshore measures; two years post-entry quarantine in conditions conducive to symptoms expression and regular inspection; and diagnostic testing.

Read the KVH summary and diagram of risk mitigations steps on this pathway here.