Mandatory monitoring

24 July 2014

Regular monitoring is an important part of Psa -V prevention and management plans, particularly following wet, windy and frosty weather.

Growers on ‘Not Detected’ orchards, especially those in Exclusion regions, should be regularly monitoring their vines over winter and spring for signs of Psa-V infection. Those on Psa-V positive orchards should be monitoring to identify any canes and/or vines showing signs of infection which need to be removed to prevent spread of infection.

As part of KVH requirements under the NPMP we need to collect data and report on Psa-V progression to ensure the objectives of the plan are being meet. To meet these objectives we require growers to report their monitoring results.

August mandatory monitoring results from the following orchards must be submitted to KVH by 10 September 2014:

  • All orchards in Exclusion regions
  • All orchards in Containment regions
  • Not Detected orchards in Recovery regions

Note—Psa-V positive orchards in Recovery regions are encouraged to send in their results but this is not mandatory.

An updated online mandatory monitoring form will be available on the KVH website next week.