Meet the team: Matt Dyck

17 January 2022

Matt is our Biosecurity Manager and his focus since joining KVH in 2013 has been reducing the likelihood and impact of another biosecurity incursion to the New Zealand kiwifruit industry, initially as our Biosecurity Analyst and more recently as Biosecurity Manager. In this role Matt has developed technical knowledge and international networks to ensure that we are aware of emerging threats to our industry. Readiness and response activities are done in partnership with MPI, and where knowledge gaps exist Matt works closely with the Zespri Innovation team to drive research through their biosecurity portfolio.

Matt has also had strong technical involvement in national projects for both fruit fly and the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). In this role, Matt was part of the New Zealand contingent that travelled to Santiago to help the Chilean Government with their response efforts against BMSB, enhancing international relationships but also testing our own response plan should we also be faced with an incursion of this high-risk pest.

Before working for the kiwifruit industry Matt studied as a marine scientist working as an Environmental Manager for a large finfish aquaculture project in Malaysia, and Project Manager for a selective breeding project in Singapore.