Monitoring in Containment/Exclusion regions

15 November 2018

Last week, KVH staff monitored 10 orchards in the Whangarei Controlled Area. These orchards included three of the region’s four Psa-positive orchards, and those surrounding them. Staff also monitored three orchards outside the Controlled area.

Infection is well controlled on the positive orchards and the only symptoms observed by KVH were minimal spotting on some Bruno suckers. Samples were taken from some orchards during this round, but no Psa positive sites were identified.

Growers in the Whangarei region, particularly those in the Controlled Area, have been regularly monitoring their vines and taking samples where there have been concerns over symptoms.

AgFirst Motueka will be completing an independent monitoring round of a selection of South Island orchards in the last week of November, to confirm the region is still Psa Not Detected.