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More Psa after difficult weather periods

More Psa after difficult weather periods

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

More Psa after difficult weather periods

Many growers are reporting this spring as being a more difficult Psa season than seen for the previous two years.

Last year’s summer drought has likely created additional plant stress on some sites, possibly reducing vine resilience to disease, but difficult weather conditions have also played a part.

Cold stormy periods in early November resulted in a surge of spotting and Hayward flower-bud infection for higher altitude Tauranga sites and other Bay of Plenty sites have reported a lift in cane die-back for Gold3 around fruit-set.

KVH has also received reports from two young Gold development blocks in Kerikeri where NE winds have caused damage, followed by intense Psa leaf-spotting (image is from a 2019 grafted Gold3 site).

Growers on high Psa risk sites and particularly those with young plants are recommended to continue with a strong cut out and protective spray programme.

A reminder that both Green and Gold kiwifruit have a skin sensitive period where skin is at the greatest risk of marking or damage. For Green, this period is between 14-35 days post fruit set and for Gold , it’s between 21-80 days post fruitset so care should be taken when considering spraying in this period. A reminder that Aureo Gold is an additional tool available to growers through to the six weeks after fruitset.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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