Most Unwanted time of year

05 September 2019

Fruit flies and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) are considered two of the biggest biosecurity threats to the kiwifruit industry and from September they are both in their highest-risk period for entry into New Zealand. A quick reminder of the damage these unwanted pests can do and what to look out for:

Fruit flies:

· High likelihood of entry – have crossed our borders many times.

· Production impacts for a range of horticultural crops but considered low for kiwifruit.

· Severe market access restrictions, particularly for Queensland Fruit Fly, which is not present in most major kiwifruit markets.


· Pierces kiwifruit resulting in fruit drop and rot. Fruit loss is typically 5-10% but up to 30% on worst blocks. Extremely difficult to eradicate – early detection is essential.

· Major nuisance pest overwintering inside homes in huge numbers.

· High likelihood of entry as a hitchhiker on shipping containers, cars, machinery and luggage.

For more information on these and other biosecurity threats to the kiwifruit industry, see the new Kiwifruit’s Most Unwanted list on the KVH website and contact us on 0800 665 825 if you would like one of the new posters or leaflets sent out to you.