Moving budwood

03 May 2018

Budwood movement will be a focus for many suppliers and growers at this time of year, particularly those cutting over to new licences and those with new plantings.

As budwood poses the highest risk of disease transfer, please remember:

· Use the cleanest source of budwood, from your own orchard where possible.

· Budwood suppliers must be registered with KVH and supply a copy of their Psa-V Risk Management Plan.

· Growers must only obtain budwood from a KVH-registered supplier.

· Budwood movement must comply with the controls outlined in the KVH Protocol: Budwood.

· Movement of Gold3 budwood also requires Zespri authorisation.

· Budwood movements from Psa positive orchards to other Psa positive orchards are only allowed between properties owned by the same legal entity within the same Psa region (defined on KVH website maps). Outside of this, KVH authorisation may be sought if there are no other suitable options for the grower. Contact KVH for permission in these circumstances.

· Budwood collection areas are to be sprayed with copper within four weeks of collection.

· Maintain tool hygiene and sanitisation.

· Records of budwood supplied and received must be maintained and kept with grower GAP records.

If you are unsure of the movement controls or have any queries, please contact KVH on 0800 665 825 or email [email protected].