New biosecurity advisor: Erin Lane

07 February 2019

KVH is pleased to announce the appointment of Erin Lane as Biosecurity Advisor.

Erin comes to KVH from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) where she held various roles over her seven years there. She began as a Quarantine Officer in Auckland, working at the port, airport, mail centre and transitional facilities inspecting and clearing imported goods. Erin also worked as an Incursion Investigator, an Adviser in the Readiness and Response team, and an Adviser in the Regulation area, working specifically on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) regulation.

Most recently, Erin has worked in Japan with the vehicle industry on educating and promoting better biosecurity practices, and more specifically, BMSB management across their supply chain to ensure that the risk posed by this unwanted pest remains offshore.

Erin brings with her biosecurity expertise and experience, with a sound understanding of biosecurity policy, standard setting and risk analysis. In her role at KVH, she will be focussing on maintaining accurate and up to date pest lists to help prioritise readiness efforts. She will be working closely with growers and the wider kiwifruit industry to ensure awareness of biosecurity threats, to support the industry to manage any biosecurity risks, and to help increase the industry’s level of overall biosecurity preparedness.