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New BMSB infographic about long-term management

New BMSB infographic about long-term management

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25 Nov 21 Biosecurity News

New BMSB infographic about long-term management

KVH and Zespri have put their heads together to design a forward-thinking tool for our growers, a long-term management infographic guide for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB).

This newly developed infographic was showcased at the recent industry biosecurity day and encourages growers to cast their eye into a possible future where BMSB has arrived in New Zealand and all response efforts have failed to eradicate the bug.

We ask growers to consider what long-term management might look like on their orchards; how they could best prepare now for a possible incursion of BMSB; and most importantly, the guide aims to educate and inform growers on how to best protect their orchards as the valuable assets they are.

The graphic encompasses the predicted seasonal lifecycle of BMSB in New Zealand and the possible control and management options growers have at certain times of year.

We hope the infographic will help plant a seed-of-BMSB-preparedness early, before any potentially devastating impacts are seen on orchards here in New Zealand. Take a look for yourself at the future on orchard management options for BMSB here (the infographic has also been added to the BMSB page of the KVH website here).


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