New fruit fly detection

02 May 2019

Controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables in the Auckland suburb of Northcote have been reintroduced following the detection of a further Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF).

The single male fruit fly was found late last week in one of the network of traps which remained in place following the discovery of six other fruit flies in the area in February/March.

This latest fly showed indications it was relatively elderly for a QFF, suggesting it may be from the same group as the earlier detections. There is no evidence of a breeding population.

While it is disappointing there has been another detection it does demonstrate that the trapping and surveillance systems in place are working.

Activity has increased in the reinstated Controlled Area Zone, including extended trapping and the collection of fallen fruit, as well as the return of signage and wheelie bins for residential fruit disposal. Detailed maps of the controlled areas and a full description of the boundaries and rules are available on the Biosecurity New Zealand website.

Kiwifruit growers should talk to their post-harvest providers if they have any questions about what the impacts to them might be due to movement controls or export restrictions.

If you require support you can contact NZKGI or visit their website to learn more about the support network available.

Summary of finds: Single male QFF have been found in separate surveillance traps in the Auckland North Shore suburbs of Devonport (one single fly) and Northcote (seven single flies over an extended period of time). Three Facialis flies have been found in Otara.