New KVH Associate Director

20 January 2022

The KVH Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Erin Atkinson to the Associate Director position on the KVH Board for a two-year term.

The Associate Director role is a development opportunity for a kiwifruit industry future leader to join the KVH Board and gain experience in governance, leadership and strategy while bringing his/her own industry knowledge and experience to the Board table. The Associate Director also has the opportunity to be mentored by an industry leader and a contribution towards their governance training.

This is a non-voting role however the Board seeks full participation in meetings and welcomes constructive contributions from the Associate Director in the workings of the Board.

KVH have run this programme since 2014 and Erin is the fifth Associate Director appointment, replacing Cody Bent who has held the position for the last two years and is thanked by the Board and KVH team for his commitment and expertise.