New national response panel

27 May 2021

Earlier this week KVH staff heard from members of the newly formed Biosecurity New Zealand Response Services (BioNZRS) panel who support Biosecurity New Zealand’s readiness, response, long term recovery and pest management work.

Part of a wider Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital (TMBC) event for the region, we heard directly from the panel about how they will be deployed in a response, what they’ve learned from past responses, and how the TMBC network could contribute during any future response in the region.

KVH staff and a significant number of people from across the kiwifruit industry are well trained and experienced in taking part in biosecurity responses via the KiwiNet network, but it is important we also continue to contribute to events like this one so that we enhance our knowledge of the wider skills, experience, and networks across the region that we could work alongside and share information with in the event of any response that affects the kiwifruit industry.

As well as Biosecurity New Zealand, the panellists at the event represented were SPS Biosecurity, AsureQuality, and NZ Biosecurity Services.