New Psa management resources

01 October 2020

In the last Bulletin we shared video from the annual Psa R&D update, which saw scientists share with growers and industry key outcomes from the research portfolio, to help with on-orchard Psa disease management programmes.

In conjunction with that event, a Good Practice Workshop was held for growers, so that they could create their own Psa programme, with the support of peers. The workshop used several thought-provoking, constructive and easy-to-follow resources designed to promote conversation and have everyone in the room learning and sharing knowledge gathered from both research and practical experience.

These resources are now available on the KVH website and are freely available to support growers, managers and post-harvest to share practical knowledge with their teams and gain a greater understanding of Psa management activities on-orchard.

There are three new resources that are designed to be used as either a group exercise (they come with a script that explains what to read out to your team) or for individual use, and are mainly photo-based:

  • Psa assessment: a series of photos of typical Psa scenarios that people might come across on-orchard and the things that might need to be considered when making decisions about what to do in each scenario and why.
  • Good management practices: an activity using flashcards that looks at different management practices for controlling Psa and considers which are good, okay, or unacceptable – such as incorrect timing of sprays.
  • Where to cut: a series of photos and symptom information that help with decision making about where to make cuts to remove Psa symptoms.