New Psa seasonal management guide

03 September 2020

The Psa-V Seasonal Management Wall Chart 2020-21 is out now and
available to view or download from the KVH website. A printed A2 sized copy of the chart has also been included in your mailed copy of the August Kiwiflier.

The wall chart outlines how you can use cultural methods and a protective spray programme year-round to reduce risk on your orchard, including regular monitoring, removing infected material, girdling, and seasonal spray plans.

A key feature of the wall chart is the KVH Recommended Product List, which sets out the upcoming seasons approved products for protection against Psa, their year-round application rates and permitted use periods.

Any changes or updates made to the chart and product list during the 2020/21 season will be made to the online version and will be notified via the KVH Bulletin.

If you would like extra printed copies of the wall chart sent to you, please email KVH at [email protected].