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New R&D report on KVH website

New R&D report on KVH website

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

New R&D report on KVH website

2014 Zespri / KVH Potted Plant Field Trial Report—Hort16A trial

This trial was established to determine the most effective time to apply Kasumin, at label rate from 14 days prior to, and up to seven days post, a Psa-V infection event. Additionally, a number of other products were tested including a copper product Ag Copp 75 and Nanospada 500. Two seaweed extracts in rotation with copper were also tested to determine if seaweed extracts could reduce phytotoxicity and Psa symptoms.

A number of conclusions were made from this trial:

  • Kasumin applied at the label rate of 100ppm one day prior to an infection event produces the greatest protection against Psa-V in Hort16A kiwifruit potted plants for up to four weeks compared with all the other application times of Kasumin tested in the trial.
  • Multiple applications of Nordox provided greater protection than a single application, supporting the current method of use of copper products.
  • Alternating applications of Nordox with seaweed extracts did not have any effect on Psa-V symptoms. The effect of the seaweed extracts in reducing phytotoxicity caused by copper was unable to be assessed as phytotoxicity was not observed during the trial.
  • Nanospada 500, a QAC product showed a level of Psa disease control similar to that observed with bactericides Kasumin and KeyStrepto.

Click here to read the full report on the KVH website.


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