New research highlights value of wound protectants

25 August 2016
Research trials, designed to test if wound protectants could provide effective protection against infection by Psa after pruning, have shown copper paste and InocBloc paste consistently protected wounds in both potted plant trials and in Chieftain male vines in the field. These treatments, applied immediately after pruning, provided significant wound protection in both winter and spring. The research also showed that where wound protectants were not applied, the incidence of Chieftain kiwifruit canes naturally infected by Psa in winter increased from 3.3% to 50% in the two weeks after wounding. In spring, the incidence increased from 30% to 72%. This supports messages to apply effective wound protectants immediately after pruning to reduce infection of vines in the field. InocBloc paste is a pine based product. It is listed in the Zespri crop protection standard and is in the process of registration with BioGro. Organic growers interested in using this product must obtain approval prior to use and should contact their BioGro auditor or the BioGro office. Click here for the research report.