New research reports added to website

31 May 2018

One of the key lessons from the Psa response was the need to have rapid diagnostic tests available for our most significant biosecurity threats. These tests enable us to quickly confirm the presence or absence of a particular organism if a grower reports unusual symptoms to us, and if we move into response mode determine the extent of infection.

Developing these tests for specific organisms is therefore one of our priorities for the biosecurity research portfolio. Two new reports have recently been put up on our website highlighting research outputs in this area, including:

• Evaluating RT-PCR tests for Pelargonium Zonate Spot Virus, a virus that is known to infect kiwifruit in Europe and reduce plant productivity. See the report here.

• Development of a detection assay for Brazilian Wilt (Ceratocystis fimbriata), the soil borne pathogen that has caused significant impacts to kiwifruit growers in Brazil. See the report here.