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No new flies found in Auckland response

No new flies found in Auckland response

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

No new flies found in Auckland response

Auckland fruit fly response efforts are continuing – a 12-week long spring baiting programme in the Northcote controlled area has been ongoing since 19 August and was completed last Friday 8 November, in an effort to kill any fruit flies that may have overwintered.

All properties in the controlled area were baited every week according to their proximity to fruit fly finds. Although baiting has now finished, the Controlled Area Notice in the Northcote area remains in place, which restricts the movement of certain fruit and vegetables.

The focus of the response’s operational activities now remains on intensive trapping and movement controls. As we progress into the warmer months, the response will also be preparing for a range of scenarios.

Trap inspections will continue to be carried out weekly. The last Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF), a single male, was detected 15 July. This find took the total number of QFF found in the Northcote area to 10, and there has still been no evidence of larvae, pupae, eggs or female flies found.


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