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NPMP formally expires

NPMP formally expires

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11 May 23 Company Notices

NPMP formally expires

This Saturday 13 May 2023 marks the formal expiry of the National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP).

Introduced a decade ago (for a 10-year term only) to reduce the impact and spread of Psa it set out rules which have been largely effective, as evidenced by the fact that Psa has not been detected in the South Island.

However, as an industry we are not seeking to renew the NPMP as we have instead opted for more broader protections in the form of a new National Kiwifruit Pathway Management Plan, which came into effect from 1 April 2022.

The Pathway Plan has been spoken about in many previous Bulletin’s and at many of our events so we won’t go into full details here, but KVH would like to take the opportunity to thank the kiwifruit industry for their efforts in managing Psa over the past 13 years and acknowledge that it’s through these combined efforts that we are in our current position of no longer needing the pest specific measures of the NPMP, but instead we ensure we have adopted lessons from this period to incorporate into our readiness planning for the next biosecurity threat.

To read more about the Pathway Plan – and how it focuses on protection against the full range of biosecurity threats to our industry, as well as retaining the important elements needed for Psa protection, visit the KVH website here.


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