Nursery plant movements

02 April 2015

All nurseries that sell and distribute kiwifruit plants are required to register with KVH on an annual basis. Non-registered nurseries or nurseries that have let their registration lapse cannot dispatch kiwifruit plants. A list of KVH-registered nurseries is available on the KVH website here.

To avoid supply shortages, growers need to order plants well in advance so nurseries can anticipate industry demand. Plants ordered for dispatch after 1 October 2016 must be certified under the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS).

Growers also have an obligation when purchasing plants to ensure the nursery is registered and movement controls are complied with. If you have any concerns about the plants you are purchasing this season and/or the movement controls associated with them, please call KVH to check first – 0800 665 825.

Transport requirements
KVH Protocols state that kiwifruit plant material (budwood, pollen, rootstock etc.) and other risk items (harvest bins) must be securely covered when moving between sites/regions to reduce the risk of disease spread. Nursery plants are also required to be sprayed with copper prior to dispatch and tested for Psa-V within six weeks of movement occurring.

KVH Protocols provide protection for transit regions that have limited Psa-V infection or where Psa-V has not yet been detected.

If you are planning on moving plant material or other risk items, please check the KVH Protocols on the website. If you are unsure please give us a call – 0800 665 825.