Ohaeawai Nursery - CORRECTION

28 January 2016

In the January edition of the Kiwifruit Journal, Ohaeawai Nursery advertised kiwifruit plants for sale in a leaflet that contained errors. The leaflet stated that “all zones including Exclusion and Controlled” could be supplied with kiwifruit plants.

However, KVH have advised Ohaeawai Nursery that until it joins the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS) it cannot supply plants to Whangarei (an Exclusion region with a controlled area in place); and even under the KPCS, plants from Ohaeawai Nursery will not be able to be supplied to the South Island (also an Exclusion region).

Ohaeawai Nursery is in the process of joining the KPCS and is currently a KVH-registered nursery.