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Online tool for interpreting risk

Online tool for interpreting risk

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04 Aug 22 Biosecurity News

Online tool for interpreting risk

The online kiwifruit Psa monthly comparison tool gives an indication of the monthly Psa infection risk pressure in comparison to previous seasons and times of the year.

Found within the Psa Risk Model, this functionality calculates an R-index for each day, which represents the daily infection risk for the environmental conditions that day.

This daily R-index is accumulated into a total for each month to give an indication of how infection risk is trending over time.

A month with a higher monthly R-index total would have more favourable conditions for infection and therefore greater disease pressure than a month with a lower R-index total.

The tool shows the total R-index for each month in the current season, alongside four previous seasons (where available), allowing the comparison of the monthly Psa risk across multiple seasons for an individual station. Note that the current month is not shown until it has finished.


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