Opotiki region update

27 November 2014

KVH staff visited the Opotiki region this week to discuss how Psa-V was progressing in the region this year. Growers generally commented that although leaf spotting had become more prevalent in the last few weeks, the level of flower-bud infection was thought to be lower than last year on both Hayward and G14 orchards visited.

Overall, orchard managers were pleased with the level of Psa-V control being achieved through the use of comprehensive spray programmes despite wetter and colder spring conditions than in past years.

As with other regions, stressed blocks showed higher levels of Psa-V. One very cold block on tough soil showed around 30% flower-bud drop. This illustrates the effects of environmental impacts on disease expression.

Improved orchard drainage (pictured) was seen as an opportunity to improve general vine health and reduce vine susceptibility to Psa-V.

Ambitious has been widely used in the region as part of protective spray programmes and also as a tool to improve overall leaf health. Good results were being achieved on many orchards. Excellent male management has also assured good pollen supply from orchards in the region.