Packhouses raising the biosecurity bar

18 May 2017

KVH is currently completing annual packhouse site audits to confirm biosecurity measures are in place as per Packhouse Psa-V/Biosecurity Risk Management Plans.

We have been impressed by the level of compliance and the commitment to biosecurity shown by staff at packing facilities.

Systems originally introduced for Psa will stand the industry in good stead should a new biosecurity incursion occur – e.g. bin sanitisation systems, management of reject fruit, and loadout procedures such as pre-loading inspections of sea containers for target organisms.

Yard staff are managing differing regional requirements for identification and segregation of bins, and those post-harvest facilities involved in harvest activities are maintaining high levels of on-orchard hygiene.

Overall, the audits are reflecting what KVH is pleased to see as a positive move towards biosecurity risk management measures becoming increasingly considered ‘business as usual’ by sites, and an integral part of running successful operations.