Pest monitoring update

26 November 2020

A reminder that Zespri requires all orchards to contact their Pest Monitoring Centre (PMC) to ensure they are officially registered for pest monitoring by 1 December 2020. Orchards who may have previously been registered will need to ensure they have re-registered with their PMC.

Being registered for pest monitoring is a mandatory requirement for any orchard to be able to supply the China market in the 2021 season.

Monitoring will take place for scale, mealybug, leafrollers and wheatbug. Orchards not monitoring for these pests will not be eligible to supply fruit to China.

Zespri’s pre-harvest team have developed resources to assist the industry with the transition to the new pest monitoring programme which can be found on the Canopy here.

If you have questions about pest monitoring requirements for 2021 and what this means for your orchard or PMC, please contact [email protected].