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Planning protection for early Red19 budbreak is important

Planning protection for early Red19 budbreak is important

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Planning protection for early Red19 budbreak is important

The average timing of Red19 budbreak and flowering is up to three weeks ahead of Gold3, and Red19 growers are reminded that this means early Psa protection should be planned for now.

Average Red19 budbreak dates have historically been as early as 25 August for Te Puke sites and within two days of this for Gisborne and Kerikeri sites. Early sites can be well ahead of these dates and currently 8 August has been predicted as a likely start date for some Te Puke sites this year.

Growers should aim to have full winter rate copper in place ahead of first buds breaking (male or female) as new tissue is extremely vulnerable to Psa infection. Regular protection in following weeks is also needed to protect later emerging shoots and flower buds which are vulnerable as soon as they emerge. Strong programmes will maximise chances of avoiding Psa challenges. Frost and protection from wind is also important to avoid tissue damage which opens plants up to infection.

On average, Red19 susceptibility to Psa is considered to be similar to Gold3, but juvenile plants are more vulnerable to Psa and protection from frost and wind through this earlier spring timeframe adds challenge.

Indications are that Red19 on Bounty rootstock can suffer higher levels of flower-bud infection, so again close planning to ensure protection is in place ahead of budbreak is high priority. Psa leaf spot is more commonly seen for the Red cultivar compared with Gold3 so growers need to act early to avoid leaf spot developing as this then provides an ongoing inoculum reservoir within the block.


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