Potted Plant Field Trial Report - Elicitors on Gold3 Potted Plants

12 June 2014

Using Gold3 potted plants, this trial was to determine the efficacy of a range of elicitors and forchlorfenuron products in inducing a plant immune response to Psa-V.

All the elicitors, except Alexin, significantly reduced leaf spot in Gold3 group up to 37 days post Psa-V inoculation (p < 0.05). None of the elicitors significantly reduced secondary symptoms. Actigard™, which was used as a positive control, had the greatest effect in reducing leaf spotting and secondary symptoms compared with the Psa-V group.

Testing the products in this trial on other kiwifruit varieties may result in a different response to ones observed in this trial, as an elicitor response may be kiwifruit variety-specific.

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