Proposed changes to the import health standard for Actinidia plants for planting

07 December 2023

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has recently opened a consultation on the proposed changes to the Import Health Standard for Actinidia plants for planting.

There are a range of changes proposed, namely the addition of four new viruses to the regulated pest list for Actinidia plants. This change requires an additional four PCR tests during quarantine to ensure freedom from these organisms.

Also proposed are altering how temperature limits are specified (no change in requirements); removal of regulated organisms that are already present in New Zealand; and the time specifications around pre-export treatments. There is no change to the length of time required in post-entry quarantine (PEQ).

KVH will provide a full submission on this consultation on behalf of the industry to ensure that risk remains well managed on this pathway. If interested in more details of the proposed changes, all consultation documents can be found here. Consultation closes Wednesday 24 January 2024.