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Protection after the weekends weather

Protection after the weekends weather

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16 Feb 22 Biosecurity News

Protection after the weekends weather

With the difficult weather conditions occurring over the weekend, it is important growers take every opportunity to review their spray programme and minimise the risk of Psa infection and spread.

It is best practice to ensure protective sprays are in place before high-risk weather arrives, but if this is not achievable spray as soon as possible after infection events as vines are likely to be under stress and susceptible to infection if Psa is present.

Summer temperatures are less favourable for Psa, but wind damage creates entry points so at-risk blocks and young developments in particular warrant assessment.

Use the Psa Risk Compass and Weather & Disease Portal to assess upcoming risk for timing of spray applications.

Ensure copper is applied in good drying conditions and maintain a one-week window between applications of oil and copper products. A JA can be requested for use of Aureo Gold as an alternative.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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