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Psa around the regions

Psa around the regions

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Psa around the regions

In general growers around the regions are reporting Psa levels to be lower than last year, being wisely cautious. However, situations can change quickly, and regular monitoring is recommended to stay on top of things.

Sites which were very cold through winter are seeing more symptoms with Waihi growers reporting exudate on Hayward males, particularly on less tolerant varieties such as M-series males within the last week. For some younger Gold3 blocks growers in Psa affected areas have also reported that some vines strung last year are showing recent die-back and cane collapse with exudate along the leader becoming visible as pressure comes onto the young growing plant. These symptoms serve as a reminder to maintain a strong spray programme, including products with different modes of action. The window for bactericide is rapidly closing for most Gold sites so decisions on use of this product need to be made with care.

For most Hayward growers, leaves will be at or beyond 25-30mm, so bactericides can be considered for high-risk sites and Actigard can also be applied. CPPU, a preventative spray to reduce leafspot may also be applied when shoots reach 15-25cm.

For growers on Hayward sites with a history of flower-bud infection the recommendation is to apply pre-flower trunk girdle, one month prior to flowering to protect vines from bud infection but to be extra cautious with supervision of this task.

Read more in the KVH spring flyer here.


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