Psa effects to lessen over summer

30 November 2017

This spring has proven to be a difficult one for Psa on many sites across all growing regions with KVH still receiving reports of ongoing symptoms in Gold3.

For some sites cankers remain active and collapsed canes and leaders continue to be removed. More Gold3 orchards have reported leaf spotting this year also, with many noticing increased flower abortion adjacent to these areas. Vines with root systems compromised by very wet weather or younger vines have been more affected.

Images from KVH visits to orchards this week are available here.

Symptoms are expected to reduce significantly as temperatures increase heading into summer. Similarly, for Hayward, Psa effects should reduce as the weather warms – the dry weather through Hayward pollination has been welcome.

Going forward, growers are reminded of the importance of continuing Psa protection and should use the KVH Psa Risk Model as a guide to upcoming high-risk weather. Also, choose dry weather for spring trunk girdling, male pruning and catch up canopy management or thinning rounds. Be sure to maintain tool hygiene between plants and bays.

KVH continues to visit and support growers seeing symptoms that appear quite different from previous years and growers are urged to contact KVH with any concerns about symptom levels seen this year or any unexplained vine symptoms.