Psa options following flowering

25 November 2021

Currently the Psa Risk Model shows low-risk weather through to early next week for all regions, providing opportunity for a final Psa spray before Hayward flowering on later sites, and protection following male pruning where pollination is complete. Expected risk then lifts to low risk for five to seven days, with moderate risk predicted for Karapiro and South Auckland.

A reminder to growers to be aware of crop “skin sensitive periods" and to avoid spray applications through this timing to avoid the risk of fruit marking or damage. Also, once fruitlets are present, ensure copper at summer rates is only applied in good drying conditions. Aureo Gold is still available until six weeks after flowering.

Skin sensitive periods for RubyRed is from 30 days post fruit set until two weeks before harvest, for Gold3 between 21-80 days post fruit set and for green varieties between 14-35 days post fruit set.

Going forward the challenges of Psa will thankfully reduce as the summer temperatures lift. Growers can also take the opportunity to remove infected Psa material.

You can access the Psa Risk Model here or register for the first time here.