Psa-V in Chile

12 November 2015

Psa-V has progressed significantly this season in Chile; with an unusually wet spring being the likely contributor. Disease severity is high in all varieties and the Chilean kiwifruit industry is predicting a potential drop in production as a result.

Bud-rot and leaf spotting symptoms are widespread in Hayward varieties; and other varieties (Hong Yang, Enza Gold, Jintao and Summer Kiwi) that were already infected are showing more severe symptoms such as cane dieback and exudate.

The disease has continued to spread north and the first infected orchard in the northern ‘Metropolitan region’ has recently been identified.

Latest figures released by Chile’s Agriculture and Livestock Service confirms 17 new orchards have been confirmed Psa-V positive, bringing the total of infected orchards to 180 – an area of approximately 1,900 hectares.

The Chilean Kiwifruit Committee continues to encourage growers to adopt strict hygiene measures, particularly tool hygiene between vines, regular monitoring and movement controls to prevent further spread.