Psa-V in Korea

17 July 2014

Psa-V was detected in Korea in the mid 1980’s and that strain is now referred to as Biovar 2. This virulent biovar was a contributing factor to the removal of uncovered Hayward orchards on Jeju Island where the Zespri Gold orchards are now located.

A new Psa-V strain has been recently identified in Korea—on the mainland and on Jeju Island. We understand this strain is part of the Biovar 3 group (same group as the New Zealand strain). The Biovar 3 is having an impact on multiple varieties including Hort16A, as has other strains in the past. New Zealand and Korean researchers are working on characterising the bacteria to determine its origin.

Zespri is supporting its Korean growers by providing information and best practice techniques to manage Psa-V.