Psa-V in Whangarei - update

01 October 2015

Last week KVH announced a Psa-V positive result in a Whangarei orchard – the first confirmed case of Psa-V in the Whangarei region.

All growers in the region were quickly advised of the situation by KVH and extensive monitoring was carried out in the region over the weekend. No further evidence of Psa-V was detected in the surrounding orchards and samples tested for Psa-V were confirmed ‘not detected’.

A controlled area has been put in place with an eight kilometre radius from the affected orchard. The controlled area comprises of 32 orchards. Growers within the controlled area have been issued with a controlled area protocol detailing movement restrictions, monitoring and reporting requirements and best practice advice for orchard hygiene and crop protection programmes.

KVH met with around 50 Whangarei growers on Tuesday and will continue to provide support and information to growers to help minimise the risks and impacts of Psa-V in the region.