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Psa-V spring update meeting

Psa-V spring update meeting

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Psa-V spring update meeting

More than 100 growers attended yesterday’s Psa-V spring update meeting in Te Puke.

Click here to watch a video of the meeting in including the presentations.

Key messages from for the upcoming season:

  • Signs of Psa-V are appearing in all affected regions and in all varieties - a colder, wetter autumn and winter is a contributor.
  • El Nino weather system has established in the Pacific and likely to continue with potential for a dry summer.
  • Likely to experience a wetter, windier spring until December.
  • Product rates and use conditions are confirmed in the latest Psa-V Seasonal Management Guide now available on the KVH website.
  • Industry must demonstrate it is using a combination of control practices – protective spray programmes and orchard cultural practices.
  • Bactericide products, KeyStrepto™ and Kasumin® are available for the upcoming season with strict use conditions, including the requirement to complete an Orchard Psa IPM Strategy (OPIS) document and submit to Zespri by 1 October 2015. Click here for further information.
  • Streptomycin resistance and copper tolerance is a focus this season – growers and contractors should be using label rates to help avoid resistance and tolerance developing. See KVH Best Practice Advice: Management to limit resistance to Psa control products on the KVH website.

Growers were also presented with a technical update on streptomycin resistance and management of bud-rot in green varieties through a 30-day pre-flowering girdle.

Key messages about pre-flowering girdling:

  • Pre-flower girdles can aid in the control of bud rot in green varieties
  • Apply 30 days before flowering for Hayward and Green14
  • Single blade knife girdles and half girdles don’t work
  • Girdles need to be done to correct depth
  • Use as part of an integrated Psa control programme


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