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Putting the Samurai Wasp case forward at hearing

Putting the Samurai Wasp case forward at hearing

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Putting the Samurai Wasp case forward at hearing

KVH spoke on behalf of the kiwifruit industry at an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) hearing yesterday, cementing support to release the Samurai Wasp in the event of a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) incursion.

The hearing is the final step in the application process to introduce the wasp as part of eradication or control efforts if an established population of BMSB is found here.

KVH Biosecurity Manager, Matt Dyck, presented with a focus on the importance of the kiwifruit industry to the local and national economy (now and into the future); the potentially devastating impact of BMSB; and the reasoning for why the wasp is viewed as the best overall control tool available. The EPA will be making all hearing presentations available to the public shortly. Please contact KVH if you would like to know more about what was discussed at the hearing.

From here, the decision-making group will consider the application (not open to the public) and a decision is expected by mid-August. The EPA has previously released their staff assessment report, which recommends the decision-making group approve the application.

The application was made to the EPA by KVH, Horticulture NZ and other horticultural industry groups through the BMSB Council as part of the Government Industry Agreement (GIA).


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