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Queensland Fruit Fly 19.02.15

Queensland Fruit Fly 19.02.15

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Queensland Fruit Fly 19.02.15

Key points:

  • To date, no further fruit flies have been found.
  • A field team of more than 90 staff has been deployed into the Controlled Area to set additional fruit fly traps to determine if other flies are present in the area.
  • There are 34 pre-existing surveillance programme traps in the A and B Zones.
  • Establishment of additional traps in Zone A will be completed today. Placement of additional traps in Zone B has commenced.
  • Field teams are also collecting samples of fruit from home gardens and in the area for testing for any evidence of further flies or their eggs or larvae.
  • A MPI mobile field laboratory will be in action later today to analyse fruit collected and also inspect any insects found through the trapping.
  • The first results from the trapping and fruit analysis are expected tomorrow morning (Friday).
  • Whole fresh fruit and vegetables (except for leafy vegetables and root vegetables) cannot be moved outside of the Controlled Area.
  • Installation of signage on main arterial routes will be completed today, and other signage will be completed over the next 24 hours.
  • Special bins for the disposal of fruit and vegetable waste are being delivered to residents in Zone A – the area closest to the location of the fruit fly find.
  • Specially marked disposal bins are also being placed in locations in the wider Zone B – out to 1.5km from the find. The locations of these bins will be marked on a map and publicised by MPI.
  • KVH fully supports the response actions being taken by MPI as a result of the find.
  • We ask for the full cooperation of the public and businesses to comply with the containment rules established by MPI and assist wherever they can.

Market access

  • To date, no adverse reaction from trading partners.

Industry communications

  • KVH is part of the response governance group and will be getting regular updates from MPI.
  • KVH will provide regular updates to industry. These will be made available on the KVH website.
  • Detailed maps of the controlled area and a description of the boundaries, and full information about the rules can be found at


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