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Queensland Fruit Fly 21.02.15

Queensland Fruit Fly 21.02.15

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Queensland Fruit Fly 21.02.15

Situation update
MPI confirmed last night a second Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) has been found in a property approximately 150m from the original find (within Zone A), escalating the biosecurity response to ‘Level 2’.

A resident within the Controlled Area found the single QFF on their property and contacted MPI’s pest and disease hotline. This new QFF find was formally identified as a recently-emerged, un-mated female adult fruit fly. Subsequently MPI removed lemons from the property and found fruit fly larvae in the fruit.

The find is very close to the original location so highly likely to be from the same source. This is a very limited small and localised population and we are confident this response will succeed in eradication.

MPI response
The response has moved to a ‘Response Level 2’ which will move to an eradication programme and treatment controls of this isolated population.

The A Zone has been enlarged to include the second find; the B Zone remains unchanged. Additional traps are being placed in the enlarged A Zone. Additional control measures are being put in place. These are:

  • Baits will be place in fruiting trees to attract and kill female fruit flies.
  • Targeted ground-based spraying of areas under fruiting trees using an effective insecticide

As an industry we are obviously very concerned about the situation and have been supporting HortNZ’s concerns. However, our main focus at this stage is the response and ensuring the risks to kiwifruit growers are being managed.

KVH fully supports the response actions being taken by MPI who operate to and exceed internationally accepted standards. MPI has every confidence it will quickly and effectively eradicate this isolated population.

KVH has activated KiwiNet and already deployed eight industry resources into the field today to assist MPI and AsureQuality with surveillance and field operations and will depolying further industry resources from today.

Potential market impact
International markets were notified of the situation last night. Zespri is actively engaged with MPI in monitoring the situation and has not received any reports of market concerns at this stage.

Over this weekend KVH will be working closely with MPI as the trapping and surveillance activities are undertaken. Any significant information will be immediately communicated.

KVH will continue to provide regular updates about the situation to industry. These will be made available on the KVH website.

Detailed maps of the controlled area and a description of the boundaries, and full information about the rules can be found at


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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