Queensland Fruit Fly 23.02.15

23 February 2015

Situation update
While no significant changes to the status of the fruit fly response have been reported by MPI, two further male fruit have been found on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Due to the close proximity of these finds to the original location, it’s highly likely these flies are from the same source and the best technical advice we have is that this remains a very limited small and localised population.

It’s important to note these finds are not unexpected since there is a small isolated breeding population in the area and further fruit flies are likely to be found in the area over the coming week.

MPI has so far trapped three male fruit flies. A single un-mated female was located at a residential property on Friday.

MPI are carrying out extensive trace-back and trace-forward activities on the properties where the fruit flies have been found, and those neighbouring them. They have not identified any high-risk fruit movement in or out of the properties.

KVH and Zespri continued to work with MPI on the QFF response over the weekend. More than 20 industry people were deployed through KiwiNet into the field and continue to assist MPI and AsureQuality with surveillance and trapping. We have been asked to maintain this level of resourcing for the next couple of weeks.

Potential market impact
Response from the markets has been measured. MPI expects to have a clearer picture of any further market reaction to the QFF find over the next few days.

KVH will continue to provide regular updates about the situation to industry. These will be made available on the KVH website.

Detailed maps of the controlled area and a description of the boundaries, and full information about the situation can be found on the MPI website.