Queensland fruit fly response - residents in for the long haul

16 April 2015

MPI confirmed last week the residents in the Grey Lynn controlled area are in for the long haul as the QFF response is likely to continue until at least November.

To date, 14 adult flies have been located and the last find was over a month ago on 6 March. The last detection of larvae in fruit collected from the affected area was on 13 March. While this is good news, it is still too early to confirm the flies are gone for good.

Response activities over winter
MPI expects to stop the baiting treatments in the Controlled Area sometime around early June, as fruit flies ‘hibernate’ during winter, and resume in the springtime to ensure all flies are eradicated. The surveillance traps will remain in place during winter, but will be checked less frequently.

During this time the controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables outside of the Controlled Area will continue to ensure any surviving flies are not spread from the area. MPI recently made it easier to comply with the rules by allowing customers to purchase fruit and vegetables at certain MPI-approved retailers within the Controlled Area that can be taken outside of the Controlled Area.

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Lara Harrison, KVH Communications