Queensland Fruit Fly update - revised movement controls

02 April 2015

This week MPI announced changes to the movement controls for fruit and vegetables in the QFF Controlled Area in Grey Lynn.

These changes will enable customers to purchase fruit and vegetables from MPI-Approved Retailers within the Controlled Area that they can take outside of the Controlled Area.

Precautions are required by both MPI-Approved Retailers and customers when purchasing and selling fresh produce to avoid potentially spreading Queensland fruit fly.

These precautions include:

  • Retailers sourcing all fruit and vegetables for sale from outside the Controlled Area.
  • Protecting the produce from exposure to Queensland fruit fly during transit to stores.
  • Some retailers may also be required to cover fruit and vegetables in their store with a fruit fly resistant mesh so that fruit flies cannot lay eggs on the produce.
  • Retailers sealing the fresh produce in a plastic bag so customers are able to safely move it out of the Controlled Area.
  • Customers may not remove the fruit from the plastic bag until it is outside the Controlled Area.
  • Customers to keep their receipt as proof of purchase when they move the produce out of the Controlled Area.

People will be able to identify approved retailers in the Controlled Area as they will display this MPI poster.

A list of approved retailers is also available on MPI’s website here.