Ready to use Onside for recording plant movements?

04 November 2022

If you’ve joined any of our recent biosecurity roadshows and events, you will be aware that KVH has been developing new tools to help growers meet requirements of the new Pathway Management Plan (PMP).

In addition to resources for creating simple biosecurity plans, you can now also use Onside for recording of plant material movements digitally using their app. This is designed to make it simpler and easier to capture the movement of plant material on and off your orchard, as required by the PMP.

Growers can still keep physical records of plant material movements, but by taking advantage of this free digital option you can also simplify the process of providing plant movement records as part of a GAP audit.

It’s quick and easy to set up – in fact almost 600 orchards have already done so.

Growers already using Onside can activate the free tool via their Onside account here.

Growers not already using Onside or needing help setting up plant movement recording within their account, can contact Onside’s kiwifruit customer success lead Guy Davidson at [email protected] or 022 329 1536.

For more information and frequently asked questions about the PMP and the new tool provided by Onside, please feel free to contact any of the KVH team at [email protected] or on 0800 665 825, or visit the following web pages:

Pathway Management Plan details

Onside’s new plant movement recording tool FAQ’s