Regional Coordinator role review

15 February 2024

KVH has a network of Regional Coordinators in Whangarei, Hawke’s Bay, Whanganui and the South Island, who support growers and work with other industry networks to collectively manage biosecurity risk in their regions.

Each kiwifruit region has unique needs according to biosecurity and Psa risks, spread of infection, and the timeframe Psa has been in the region (if at all) and therefore the nature of the KVH Regional Coordinator role may vary between regions, or over time as the needs of the region change. For example, many South Island growers will be aware of the role KVH RC Steve Thomas has in helping manage movement of risk goods across the Cook Strait to reduce the likelihood of Psa entering the region.

All the coordinators recently met with the KVH team as part of a review to focus on how we can improve our regional connections and ensure the scope of the role remains fit for purpose. The meeting was extremely positive and provided everyone with an opportunity to share and discuss the value of their roles and how we can improve our networks going forward.